Everyday Resolutions

Let every day be just as exciting, fresh and new as if it was the day after the start of the New Year.

Don’t create empty resolutions that end up being the same recycled, unfulfilled resolutions from last year. Instead make specific goals that detail the how, when, where, who, what.

Create daily mantras, things to live by & daily reminders to help you support and achieve your resolutions.

Take it to the next level and write it out, frame it, put it on your wall & let it inspire & guide you every day. Look to it as a reminder and surround yourself with positivity and with your goals in mind. Some believe in the law of attraction or even just visualizing your goals, well this is a great way to do that!

Attached are two images, one of which I wrote out a list of my resolutions/daily goals and put it on a picture frame. The other image is a vision board. I created these both to illustrate all of my goals, dreams & aspirations for that year to achieve and to practice in my everyday life.

I created the resolutions list & my goals vision board by journaling, reflecting, letting go, soul searching and writing. First, I jotted down all of my goals (short-term & long-term), dreams & aspirations. Then, I kept digging deep to see what I truly want from this all, what’s underneath these desires. What helped me gain clarity & an understanding of what I really want and the why, was first determining what really matters to me in life and what makes me joyful. After, I gained clarity of what really is the essence of each goal, I summarized it and simplified it. For example, with my goal vision board, a goal statement was simplified from a couple sentences, to one statement, to a couple words and then to just a thought/single word (some of which I illustrated with an image). The more you (can) simplify something, the more you truly understand it at its’ essence and at its’ most basic meaning.

Explore what it is that you really want in your life: your short-term goals, your long-term goals, your everyday aspirations and dreams and translate that into a piece of art for which you can look at for daily reminders and for inspiration/motivation.


2 thoughts on “Everyday Resolutions

  1. I love how you distilled what you truly want underneath your initial goals. I also appreciate how you simplified! “The more you (can) simplify something, the more you truly understand it at its’ essence and at its’ most basic meaning.” Very inspiring!

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  2. Welcome Josh! 🙂 I’m so glad this inspired you! Thank you for the comment my friend! I appreciate it. Yes!! It’s quite interesting how easy it may be to complicate something by adding on layers to a basic idea; we sometimes lose sense/grasp of what the big picture is & its’ purpose when we’ve added so much on top of it. However, when we distill, as you say, and simplify we start to fully understand it in its’ simplest, truest form.
    Similarly, as we let go of who/what we think we are, the fluff, the superficial, you start to reveal what’s underneath and who you really are, your true essence, your core, your infiniteness.


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