Breaking down the walls we created

If we were all given the same exact opportunities in life, we would all still end up having very different paths, outcomes and successes. Yes, there are many different factors that can be attributed to this, but I think the single most influential and malleable one to consider is our perception.

I believe it is our very own perception that causes us to view an opportunity either optimistically and do-able or as an inconceivable task. So much so that the very root of the word inconceivable is conceive; which is defined as, to imagine, to form a notion or idea of.

In other words, the tasks that we deem impossible/possible is influenced by and based on our imagination and our thoughts, instead of, absolute, real, evident and present reality.

Our perception- the lens in which we view ourselves and view the world is based on decisions that we made about ourselves and the world. These decisions tend to be based on fear, wanting to be safe and protect ourselves and wanting approval from others. Unless, we let go of the fear and these other factors/thoughts, we will play it safe and never reach and understand our full and true potential.

-What views of yourself did you create that is keeping you from your best self?

i.e. “I’m not good enough, strong enough, smart enough, pretty enough, worth it.” “I don’t deserve it.”

-What perceived obstacles did you create & put in the way of your dreams/goals/joy/success?

i.e. “It’s too hard, too much work, too time-consuming, not realistic, too little time in the day, i don’t have the energy.”

Think about a current work project or a dream goal that you always wanted to achieve and write down what is in the way and why. Alternatively, write down all the reasons why you can and/or can’t do it? Now look at what you wrote and consider the role of your perception in all of this. Ask yourself are these views and excuses 100% absolutely true without a doubt or is this something that is a matter of my own opinion and perception, that your mind and thoughts created and that you can simply choose to let go of and be free of?

Let go of those ideas about yourself that your mind created, that does not serve you. Your mind is lying to you and since you are the creator of your thoughts, you can simply change it to your liking. Be honest with yourself as far as what is real and what’s not. Be real with what is you and what is not. You are not your emotions and your emotions, thoughts and feelings do not define you. Why leave your joy, success and freedom up to that voice in your head, s/he is not always the most reliable comrade, because, your thoughts can be doubtful, irrational, insane, scared and pessimistic at times. So why leave your life in the hands of something that inconsistent and unreliable at times? Yes, your mind can be a beautiful servant and of practical use at times, but stay above the influence.

Like I said, be honest with yourself as far as what is real and what’s not. Is fear real? It may feel real because it can sometimes physically make you feel frozen but, in reality it is just a thought/feeling our mind created for one reason or another. Fear may show up in seriously dangerous or life-threatening situations. This is a human instinct that was passed down from generation to generation to help us survive and act accordingly when there is an actual perceived threat, such as a saber tooth or dinosaur running towards us. This initiates the fight or flight response and a (physiologic) stress response in an attempt to rally up many of our body’s resources for us to survive (in that harmful situation).

Fear was not created for us to perceive every other thing as a threat and for it to run our life and for us to run from life. However, unfortunately, the mind is adaptable and for some of us it became human instinct & second nature for us to live in fear and for us to irrationally perceive harmless things as a threat. Conversely, fortunately, the mind can be rewired in some ways and we’re not doomed forever to live in a place of fear.

Fear can keep us from our dreams, goals, freedom & happiness. So when you notice you’re afraid, look at fear and say hi, thank you for stopping by, but I’m good, I don’t need you right now. Don’t fight or hate fear, just love it, thank it and say hello & goodbye.  S/he was just stopping by & checking in to see if you would play along and let fear run the show but you simply choose not to engage. Instead, welcome courageousness and bravery.

The movie Inside Out cleverly depicts the roles of different emotions in your head (see trailer below). Imagine fear and all of your other emotions as cartoon characters, playing their role in your head, day-to-day. Remember, this is your life and you are at the director’s seat of your own life movie. Have fun with it! Your emotions and feelings are not there to run your life but to give us insight into what is really operating behind the scenes and to remind us that we are the creator and the watcher of all these feelings, thoughts and emotions.

The only problems we ever experience are the ones in which we ourselves create.

So, I dare you to be brave and question the doubts, fears and self-limiting views that your mind tells you & that you decided for yourself. Stop and think am I creating and imagining these views in the way of my happiness, courageousness, success and freedom? This will change your perception. Break down those walls and let go, you got this!

Quote of the day:each & e

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Food for thought: You can be the richest man in the world and be miserable or the poorest man in the world and feel rich, content & joyous and the big difference between them both is their perception (of themselves and of their life situation).

Daily challenge/intention: When you come across a challenge this week or even an accomplishment take some time to think what went right and/or wrong and why? How did my views and perceptions play a role in this?

Take responsibility for your actions and for your feelings and empower yourself. Don’t be the victim of your story, but the hero, the victor!

Daily inspiration

Daily affirmation: I am courageous, I am brave, I can do anything

Check out Jessica’s Affirmation and make a daily affirmation for yourself right now (or use mine) ^_^

Literary referenceInside Out . Go watch it with a friend this week!

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