Collateral Beauty

Below are some of my favorite quotes from the movie Collateral Beauty & my insight from the movie:

“What is your why? Why’d you get up this morning?”

“We’re here to connect. Love, time, death. Now these 3 things connect every single human being on earth. We long for love, we fear for death and we wish we had more time.”

“We don’t get to choose who we love and who loves us back. You’re [love] within him and within everything and if he accepts that then maybe he gets to find his life again.”

“It’s just a stubborn illusion we have all the time in the world.”

“Just be sure to notice the collateral beauty.”

“I noticed something changed, something happened, I would burst out of tears randomly, and it was from this profound connection to everything [I had], it was collateral beauty.”

“You’ve been given a gift, this profound connection to everything.” 

Love: ” I can be home, do you remember me? I know you don’t believe me, but you have to trust me.”

Howard: “Trust you? I did trust you and you betrayed me I saw you every day in her eyes and I heard you in her voice when she laughed and I felt you inside me when she called me Daddy and you betrayed me, you broke my heart.”

Love: “No, I’m in all of it, I’m the darkness and the light, I’m the sunshine and the storm, yes, you’re right I was there in her laugh but I’m also here now in your pain, I’m the reason for everything; I am the only why, don’t try and live without me Howard, please don’t.”

“They say that the time in heaven is compared to the blink of an eye for us on this earth sometimes. The blink of his eye is the rest of his life.”

“Now, we start all over again.”

My insight:

See, love is the only why. Love is always there even if (and when) we don’t want it to be. When we feel betrayed or feel heart ache and close ourselves off to it, love will still be there-like a loyal friend and a beautiful reminder that love is ever-present.

To love, let love and to be Love is a simple choice and decision we continuously make in every moment and in every circumstance. (Until it becomes second nature and a subconscious reflex). When we despise it or withhold it from each other, we’re only denying that love and pushing it further away from ourselves and from the truth. And to deny it, is to deny ourselves, our very existence. So be courageous and surrender to it, let go and embrace it! Embody it. Become it and let it be you! Because it is you.

Love is within everything and within all of us; we are all love.

It is this gift we’ve been given-our profound connection to everything=the collateral beauty.

Love is ever-present.



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