Speaking Your Right to Happiness into Existence

It’s funny how hard we are on ourselves. At times, if not always- we are our harshest critic. We deprive ourselves of life’s simplest and greatest joys because of one reason or another. It’s always something. We even withhold love and joy from our very selves and from the people we love most because of this dissatisfaction or unsettledness we have in ourselves. We think, “until I have my dream job only then will I be fully happy and feel satisfied” or “once I make 6 figures I’ll feel content that I made it.” We might even say, “I’m not good enough, not pretty enough, not fun, outgoing, social, cool, smart, brave or outgoing enough to be this or to do that!” Well, that can’t be further from the truth!

You have created these thoughts in your head from experiences or maybe from things people have told you based on their own unhappiness or insecurity. And just as you have created or adopted these thoughts you also have the ability to destroy/rid and CHANGE them. You have the ability to choose more truth-based statements, more positive and loving statements that will allow you to live a better life in which YOU are in control of it-not dictated by others or anything!

We keep chasing things that we think will fulfill us until we realize something is still missing.

The truth is, this is an empty and endless dream you will continue to chase until you realize YOU and only you are responsible for your own joy/happiness, your self-worth and the life that you want to live. 

Not any person, not any thing but yourself. We chase things (possessions, people, sex, drugs, vacations, alcohol, work, successes=ALL THINGS OUTSIDE OURSELVES), this fast life, this unfulfilled life to quench our thirst for satisfaction and content until something gives….you hit rock bottom, you have a mid-life crisis, you feel that something is missing or off or you simply decide enough is enough!


claim it yourself, look inwards and give yourself happiness don’t wait for others or things to give that endless joy to you! it is your right to be happy! it is your right to feel alive. it is your right to smile and laugh! don’t wait for others to do it, be BRAVE! 

This morning I woke up and thought to myself….. 

different life

Because, whatever I was doing was no longer working anymore.

As life’s circumstances changes, we must too! As time goes on, we must evolve and brave the changing tides!

And so, I decided to journal first thing in the morning before I meditated. First, I jotted down a few insights I had the night prior on my life situation to remind myself of my intentions.

Then, intuitively I started to write down manifestations or positive affirmations; I don’t usually write down positive affirmations when I journal but I just went with it. And so, I wrote…..

“I’m happy, I’m secure, I’m confident. I have a great relationship. There is nothing wrong. I am happy, I am content, I am worthy. I am enough. I am making decisions and doing things that align with my beliefs and values and there is nothing wrong. I am healing. I am light. I am calm. I am worthy. I am capable. I am deserving. I am beautiful. I am a great catch. I am fun. I am not jealous. I am a supportive girlfriend. I am friendly.” 

And as I wrote these positive affirmations I started smiling, BIG! I felt my heart open, my body relax all its’ muscles, my nose crinkled as I smiled and I felt peaceful, a sense of calmness came over me and I thought to myself that everything was all good, I felt happy, I felt joyful, I felt confident. I felt secure. I felt SO GOOD! It was as if I started to feel all those things that I was writing about.

affirm into exist

Where thoughts in the mind go, the body will follow. Now, I really was starting to understand the meaning of this quote:

mind body follow

If you are feeling frustrated, down, stressed, sad, ungrateful, unhappy or just off. Not living from your place of authenticity, your true self or your ideal life then try out these 7 steps for a reset!:

  1. At bedtime, before you go to sleep- journal! Do a brain dump. Put your thoughts on paper. Your feelings, emotions, thoughts, self talk and just put it to rest and release it on paper
  2. Then, set an intention/wish/desire of how you want things to be different. Imagine/think/feel/visualize how that might look and feel once you are [all of] that
  3. Optional: Intend on getting wisdom/insight from your dreams that night regarding your life situation/intention you’d like to work on
    1. Fun fact: We actually work to solve our problems in our brain overnight in our dreams. that’s where that old saying comes from: “I’ll sleep on it.”
  4. The morning after, when you wake up (it can be after you meditate) journal your thoughts, feelings/emotions and insights and anything you may remember from your dreams
  5. Then, write “I am” statements (all that you want to become/be/manifest)
    1. DO write: (present-tense) positive affirmations
      1. for example: “I am healthy. I am whole. I am healing. I am light. I am worthy. I am enough.”
    2. DO NOT write future-tense affirmations and preferably not negative affirmations either
      1. for example: “I will be happy one day soon.” “I am not mean.
      2. INSTEAD write: “Today, in this moment I am happy. I choose to be happy. I welcome joy. I am smiling. I am worthy and deserving of joy in my life. I am responsible for my own happiness.” “I am nice. I am kind. I am friendly. I am loving.”
  6. If you’d like, you can incorporate a few of your positive affirmations during your meditation to further manifest them. You can also write it on a piece of paper and put it on your bedroom wall or bathroom mirror so you can remind yourself each day that of what you are, that which you want to speak into existence. You can also put a pleasant alarm on your phone throughout the day or at a specific time each day to remind you of your positive affirmations and say it aloud in that moment. Alternatively, you can use environmental cues such as every time you’re in an elevator or a traffic light or stop sign remind yourself of your positive affirmation
  7. Notice how your body and mood feels differently after the exercise. Repeat each day until you feel content and a change in your life with your affirmations. Then, change it up with different intentions/affirmations you’d like to welcome into your life

Live it! Do it! Even if you have to fake it till you make it! Do it!


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