Speaking Your Right to Happiness into Existence

It’s funny how hard we are on ourselves. At times, if not always- we are our harshest critic. We deprive ourselves of life’s simplest and greatest joys because of one reason or another. It’s always something. We even withhold love and joy from our very selves and from the people we love most because of this dissatisfaction or unsettledness we have in ourselves. We think, “until I have my dream job only then will I be fully happy and feel satisfied” or “once I make 6 figures I’ll feel content that I made it.” We might even say, “I’m not good enough, not pretty enough, not fun, outgoing, social, cool, smart, brave or outgoing enough to be this or to do that!” Well, that can’t be further from the truth!

You have created these thoughts in your head from experiences or maybe from things people have told you based on their own unhappiness or insecurity. And just as you have created or adopted these thoughts you also have the ability to destroy/rid and CHANGE them. You have the ability to choose more truth-based statements, more positive and loving statements that will allow you to live a better life in which YOU are in control of it-not dictated by others or anything!

We keep chasing things that we think will fulfill us until we realize something is still missing.

The truth is, this is an empty and endless dream you will continue to chase until you realize YOU and only you are responsible for your own joy/happiness, your self-worth and the life that you want to live. 

Not any person, not any thing but yourself. We chase things (possessions, people, sex, drugs, vacations, alcohol, work, successes=ALL THINGS OUTSIDE OURSELVES), this fast life, this unfulfilled life to quench our thirst for satisfaction and content until something gives….you hit rock bottom, you have a mid-life crisis, you feel that something is missing or off or you simply decide enough is enough!


claim it yourself, look inwards and give yourself happiness don’t wait for others or things to give that endless joy to you! it is your right to be happy! it is your right to feel alive. it is your right to smile and laugh! don’t wait for others to do it, be BRAVE! 

This morning I woke up and thought to myself….. 

different life

Because, whatever I was doing was no longer working anymore.

As life’s circumstances changes, we must too! As time goes on, we must evolve and brave the changing tides!

And so, I decided to journal first thing in the morning before I meditated. First, I jotted down a few insights I had the night prior on my life situation to remind myself of my intentions.

Then, intuitively I started to write down manifestations or positive affirmations; I don’t usually write down positive affirmations when I journal but I just went with it. And so, I wrote…..

“I’m happy, I’m secure, I’m confident. I have a great relationship. There is nothing wrong. I am happy, I am content, I am worthy. I am enough. I am making decisions and doing things that align with my beliefs and values and there is nothing wrong. I am healing. I am light. I am calm. I am worthy. I am capable. I am deserving. I am beautiful. I am a great catch. I am fun. I am not jealous. I am a supportive girlfriend. I am friendly.” 

And as I wrote these positive affirmations I started smiling, BIG! I felt my heart open, my body relax all its’ muscles, my nose crinkled as I smiled and I felt peaceful, a sense of calmness came over me and I thought to myself that everything was all good, I felt happy, I felt joyful, I felt confident. I felt secure. I felt SO GOOD! It was as if I started to feel all those things that I was writing about.

affirm into exist

Where thoughts in the mind go, the body will follow. Now, I really was starting to understand the meaning of this quote:

mind body follow

If you are feeling frustrated, down, stressed, sad, ungrateful, unhappy or just off. Not living from your place of authenticity, your true self or your ideal life then try out these 7 steps for a reset!:

  1. At bedtime, before you go to sleep- journal! Do a brain dump. Put your thoughts on paper. Your feelings, emotions, thoughts, self talk and just put it to rest and release it on paper
  2. Then, set an intention/wish/desire of how you want things to be different. Imagine/think/feel/visualize how that might look and feel once you are [all of] that
  3. Optional: Intend on getting wisdom/insight from your dreams that night regarding your life situation/intention you’d like to work on
    1. Fun fact: We actually work to solve our problems in our brain overnight in our dreams. that’s where that old saying comes from: “I’ll sleep on it.”
  4. The morning after, when you wake up (it can be after you meditate) journal your thoughts, feelings/emotions and insights and anything you may remember from your dreams
  5. Then, write “I am” statements (all that you want to become/be/manifest)
    1. DO write: (present-tense) positive affirmations
      1. for example: “I am healthy. I am whole. I am healing. I am light. I am worthy. I am enough.”
    2. DO NOT write future-tense affirmations and preferably not negative affirmations either
      1. for example: “I will be happy one day soon.” “I am not mean.
      2. INSTEAD write: “Today, in this moment I am happy. I choose to be happy. I welcome joy. I am smiling. I am worthy and deserving of joy in my life. I am responsible for my own happiness.” “I am nice. I am kind. I am friendly. I am loving.”
  6. If you’d like, you can incorporate a few of your positive affirmations during your meditation to further manifest them. You can also write it on a piece of paper and put it on your bedroom wall or bathroom mirror so you can remind yourself each day that of what you are, that which you want to speak into existence. You can also put a pleasant alarm on your phone throughout the day or at a specific time each day to remind you of your positive affirmations and say it aloud in that moment. Alternatively, you can use environmental cues such as every time you’re in an elevator or a traffic light or stop sign remind yourself of your positive affirmation
  7. Notice how your body and mood feels differently after the exercise. Repeat each day until you feel content and a change in your life with your affirmations. Then, change it up with different intentions/affirmations you’d like to welcome into your life

Live it! Do it! Even if you have to fake it till you make it! Do it!


claim lifepainterwriter story



New Year’s Resolutions for 2018

As this past year comes to a close and the new one has arrived, I challenge you to consider these resolutions. But before you do, take some time to reflect on this past year:

What were your biggest challenges, hardships or “losses,” and what values, lessons and wisdom did you gain from it? What are you not happy about and what are you going to do to make it better or right? What are your short-term and long-term goals and does the timeline/deadline of these need to be adjusted?

As you reflect,  be sure to give yourself credit as well! What went well? What are you grateful for? What have you accomplished this year? What are you doing right, what feels good for you? What’s working for you that you’d like to continue into the New Year?What could you do better?

After you’ve taken some time to think about that, consider adding these resolutions to yours to help make this year even better than the last and the best one yet! 🙂


1- DECLUTTER & get rid of invaluable stuff:


This should be one of the first things you do to have a clearer mind undistracted from the clutter and old things that no longer serve you in your life-clean out your space! This includes your:

Physical space: bedroom, house, apartment, living room, kitchen, office space, car, etc., forget spring cleaning, it’s the new year! Look at all of your spaces and see how you feel when you enter the space. Do you feel relaxed, calm and safe when you step into your bedroom? Think about what you want each space to do for you and tune into whether or not it does that for you. Consider minimalism.

Excess stuff, hoarding and clutter can be overwhelming, distracting and create subconscious stress or unease.

(get rid of old junk you no longer use or that no longer serves you or adds value to your life)

Social space: consider the social media you’re on and your usage of it. does it feel good to you? does it add value to your life. tune into how it makes you feel after you’re on it, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. If it doesn’t add positivity to your life, delete it and instead use your spare time to do something you truly enjoy. if you’re not sure if it adds or takes away from your happiness try giving yourself a social media holiday and stay off of it or deactivate your account for 1 week or a 1 month to see how it feels. Clean and organize your phone apps into folders. Delete apps you no longer use.

Emotional space: meditate daily to declutter and quiet your mind, journal to brain dump your mind chatter and thoughts and also to gain clarity, problem solve and to reflect on daily happenings/thoughts. Get rid of emotional baggage: exes, “toxic” people in your life, negative mind talk & self-limiting thoughts.

Your mind adopts the thoughts of which you feed it: give it positivity, love and joy and soon that will become your automatic thinking.


2- BE A BETTER YOU: be kinder to others and pay a good gesture forward.

blog_be a better you

This step starts with loving, accepting, approving and being kind to yourself. It also includes being happy and content with yourself, your life situation and the world around you. If you are truly unhappy about your life situation, be proactive and do something about it! The NEW YEAR is a great time to reevaluate your life and change things accordingly. If right now you truly can’t change a part of your life situation for one reason or another, focus on the things that you can change.

Ultimately, we all want the same things: to love and to be loved; to feel a sense of belonging and to be happy. The love and kindness you give to others comes back to yourself as well. Volunteer, open the door for someone, smile at a stranger, mentor someone or give up your seat on the train for an elderly or disabled.


blog_social media

As fun and addicting as it can be sometimes, there’s usually more cons than pros for social media usage. For many, social media has become an instinctual habit that we go to in our spare time: when we’re walking somewhere, waiting somewhere, on the subway, train, plane, airport, social gatherings.

It’s like a zombie apocalypse-we all are glued to our phone as if we’re living in a virtual world. It sometimes can be your security blanket when you’re alone or in an awkward social situation your phone is there to pass the time and save you. Ultimately, social media and your phone takes time away from you.

Instead of grabbing your phone to pass the time or to browse the latest posts, grab a book, hit the gym, go outside, call a friend, go to the park, have a bubble bath, play with your pet, pick up a hobby, play an instrument, journal, meditate, plan your week, plan your goals, paint, go to a museum, check out that restaurant or bar you’ve been wanting to go to. Real, non-virtual interactions are more fulfilling and enjoyable, put the phone down and limit your time on social media you just might like it 😉


blog_travel solo

If this is something you’ve never done and always said you could never do-DO IT! It’s such a liberating feeling to explore new places alone. You may feel vulnerable, scared and uncertain at times-yes, but that also brings up feelings of courageousness and bravery. You feel accomplished, proud and so good about yourself by the end of the trip knowing that you did something enjoyable, unthinkable at one point in your life & very liberating. Not to mention you do learn a lot about yourself along the way, which is a pretty good tradeoff for some fun! 😉

My first solo trip was Costa Rica a few years ago-at the time it was one of the safest places for solo female travelers (and I think it still is-but do your research). There is also group trips that you can travel solo with other solo travelers and groups such as Contiki, Topdeck and Intrepid.


blog_new year

If there was ever a good time to change things up, take a chance and do something different the start of the New Year is the BEST time to do it! Cut your hair super short, dye your hair a crazy color, change your image, change your reputation, your social expectations, go against the grain and take a chance!

If you are known to be the negative Nancy, Debbie Downer take advantage of this New Year time & change it up, challenge that expectation & change that reputation and just smile even if you need to fake it till you make it! Just give it a try to be that better you, you always wanted to be. Seek professional help if you need more support. Journal, meditate & exercise to help reflect, explore and learn about yourself and improve your health and well-being. Lean into your social support: friends, family, loved ones to help support and achieve your goals! Be “weird”, quirky, authentic, be you!


blog_be healthier

Exercise more or if you haven’t already start exercising! Enlist a gym buddy to help support, motivate and hold each other accountable. Explore different exercise options: walk at the park, soul cycle, yoga, Zumba, volleyball league.

Eat cleaner: increase your fiber intake, eat more greens, keep your plate colorful with different colored vegetables, hydrate more, limit processed foods, fried foods, artificial sweeteners, added sugars and salts- your body will thank you!

Ultimately, no matter what diet you follow your best guide is to tune in and listen to your body, do you feel energized after the foods you eat, do you have a brain fog or indigestion and heartburn, are you bloated or do you feel tired like you want to take a nap afterwards?

Quit the bad habits: smoking, excess drinking, drugs, binge eating, binge TV watching, etc.



Making smaller, achievable and realistic small to-do’s/tasks along the way, working towards that big goal will help make your goal not seem so overwhelming, out-of-reach or unrealistic.

Set deadlines for yourself. Use a planner to keep yourself organized. Create a vision board to visualize your New Year’s Resolutions and your goals, dreams and aspirations. Set intentions for the year, for the day, the week and each month to put it out there and verbalize to the universe what you want. Fake it till you make it: sometimes we need to take a leap of faith, take a risk and just tell ourselves to believe that we can even if there may be some underlying doubt or uncertainty. Let go of any doubts, fears and uncertainties that you may have and instead replace that same doubtful statement with a confident and certain one.

Happy New Year’s to you, let’s make this year a great one! 😀

(some inspirational quotes and videos for you below)

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Collateral Beauty

Below are some of my favorite quotes from the movie Collateral Beauty & my insight from the movie:

“What is your why? Why’d you get up this morning?”

“We’re here to connect. Love, time, death. Now these 3 things connect every single human being on earth. We long for love, we fear for death and we wish we had more time.”

“We don’t get to choose who we love and who loves us back. You’re [love] within him and within everything and if he accepts that then maybe he gets to find his life again.”

“It’s just a stubborn illusion we have all the time in the world.”

“Just be sure to notice the collateral beauty.”

“I noticed something changed, something happened, I would burst out of tears randomly, and it was from this profound connection to everything [I had], it was collateral beauty.”

“You’ve been given a gift, this profound connection to everything.” 

Love: ” I can be home, do you remember me? I know you don’t believe me, but you have to trust me.”

Howard: “Trust you? I did trust you and you betrayed me I saw you every day in her eyes and I heard you in her voice when she laughed and I felt you inside me when she called me Daddy and you betrayed me, you broke my heart.”

Love: “No, I’m in all of it, I’m the darkness and the light, I’m the sunshine and the storm, yes, you’re right I was there in her laugh but I’m also here now in your pain, I’m the reason for everything; I am the only why, don’t try and live without me Howard, please don’t.”

“They say that the time in heaven is compared to the blink of an eye for us on this earth sometimes. The blink of his eye is the rest of his life.”

“Now, we start all over again.”

My insight:

See, love is the only why. Love is always there even if (and when) we don’t want it to be. When we feel betrayed or feel heart ache and close ourselves off to it, love will still be there-like a loyal friend and a beautiful reminder that love is ever-present.

To love, let love and to be Love is a simple choice and decision we continuously make in every moment and in every circumstance. (Until it becomes second nature and a subconscious reflex). When we despise it or withhold it from each other, we’re only denying that love and pushing it further away from ourselves and from the truth. And to deny it, is to deny ourselves, our very existence. So be courageous and surrender to it, let go and embrace it! Embody it. Become it and let it be you! Because it is you.

Love is within everything and within all of us; we are all love.

It is this gift we’ve been given-our profound connection to everything=the collateral beauty.

Love is ever-present.




When the world pushes you to your knees…

At one point in your life, if not many, you may feel as if the rug got pulled out from underneath you. You’re knocked to your knees and finding yourself asking why, why me? It is moments like these that you may question the universe, yourself, your faith, your being/existence and even your lifes’ purpose. You search for answers in your head only to find yourself still asking the question, why me?

Instead of questioning the universe, God and whoever/whatever else you question, you should instead try thanking it first and be grateful for the lesson and for the gift that this current situation will bring about. Let go of not having all the answers that you’re demanding right now. Surrender to it all. This is exactly how it is supposed to be and exactly what is supposed to happen to you, at this very moment, whether you want to believe it or not. There is a beautiful gift and lesson waiting to be realized and gained from this life situation you are in right now.

You have only so many options when you’re confronted with an unpleasant life situation: resist/deny it, accept it or lament/feel sorry for yourself. Absolutely, yes, allow yourself to grieve and deal w/ your situation as it comes, whether it’s denial, anger, bargaining, grief, sorrow, or all of the above, but have acceptance & surrendering be your focus & ultimate goal.

As Rumi says, “When the world pushes you to your knees, you are in the perfect position to pray.” 

This is the time & the perfect opportunity for you to put your life situation, you, yourself and your life in general, under review.

Inquire within.

  • First, cry it out. Yell, scream, moan, groan, shout, stomp, do whatever you gotta do to just let it all out. And then, cry some more. If you don’t let it out, you will only internalize those feelings, which won’t serve you now, nor in the long run. If you feel like you need to cry but can’t connect to those feelings at the moment, watch movies, videos or a play that you can connect to that side of you to help bring those emotions up and out. Those ASPCA commercials and some romantic movies usually get to me. You can even watch an old favorite, that you know you’ve had a good cry in, like The Notebook or Gladiator. If the movie is related to your life situation in any way you can also gain additional and an alternative insight to your situation in a light that you are more open to hear, because movies are pleasurable and an escape from reality. In this case, look for movie titles that you can relate to with your current life situation. Or look for comedies that poke fun at your life situation for some comical relief.

Either way, give yourself permission to cry or release your feelings/emotions and get it off your chest, sometimes you just need a good cry. Singing is a good emotional release too, if that comes easier to you.

  • Secondly, write it out, journal, talk it out with friends or to yourself (if you’re desperate or have limited options). Just do a brain dump, whatever comes to mind just write it down and let it go. Get it out of your head and put it on the paper. Relinquish your stuff to the paper gods, it’s their problem now, not yours ^_^
  • Third, reflect on this life situation. Ask yourself what is the lesson in this? What can I gain and learn from this? What role did I play in this and how can I improve on that?
  • Fourth, accept, surrender and let go of the situation. However, if it’s something you feel that you need to act upon, absolutely take action. If you’re feeling in a place of courageousness, that is a gift in itself. Go with it. Forgive yourself, forgive that person involved, and forgive the life situation that you’re currently in.  Know that this too shall pass. The sun will rise and the sun will set and you have no control over that. You don’t have any control over certain if not most things in this life and so you have to just accept, go with the flow and surrender. Enjoy the ride.

Breaking down the walls we created

If we were all given the same exact opportunities in life, we would all still end up having very different paths, outcomes and successes. Yes, there are many different factors that can be attributed to this, but I think the single most influential and malleable one to consider is our perception.

I believe it is our very own perception that causes us to view an opportunity either optimistically and do-able or as an inconceivable task. So much so that the very root of the word inconceivable is conceive; which is defined as, to imagine, to form a notion or idea of.

In other words, the tasks that we deem impossible/possible is influenced by and based on our imagination and our thoughts, instead of, absolute, real, evident and present reality.

Our perception- the lens in which we view ourselves and view the world is based on decisions that we made about ourselves and the world. These decisions tend to be based on fear, wanting to be safe and protect ourselves and wanting approval from others. Unless, we let go of the fear and these other factors/thoughts, we will play it safe and never reach and understand our full and true potential.

-What views of yourself did you create that is keeping you from your best self?

i.e. “I’m not good enough, strong enough, smart enough, pretty enough, worth it.” “I don’t deserve it.”

-What perceived obstacles did you create & put in the way of your dreams/goals/joy/success?

i.e. “It’s too hard, too much work, too time-consuming, not realistic, too little time in the day, i don’t have the energy.”

Think about a current work project or a dream goal that you always wanted to achieve and write down what is in the way and why. Alternatively, write down all the reasons why you can and/or can’t do it? Now look at what you wrote and consider the role of your perception in all of this. Ask yourself are these views and excuses 100% absolutely true without a doubt or is this something that is a matter of my own opinion and perception, that your mind and thoughts created and that you can simply choose to let go of and be free of?

Let go of those ideas about yourself that your mind created, that does not serve you. Your mind is lying to you and since you are the creator of your thoughts, you can simply change it to your liking. Be honest with yourself as far as what is real and what’s not. Be real with what is you and what is not. You are not your emotions and your emotions, thoughts and feelings do not define you. Why leave your joy, success and freedom up to that voice in your head, s/he is not always the most reliable comrade, because, your thoughts can be doubtful, irrational, insane, scared and pessimistic at times. So why leave your life in the hands of something that inconsistent and unreliable at times? Yes, your mind can be a beautiful servant and of practical use at times, but stay above the influence.

Like I said, be honest with yourself as far as what is real and what’s not. Is fear real? It may feel real because it can sometimes physically make you feel frozen but, in reality it is just a thought/feeling our mind created for one reason or another. Fear may show up in seriously dangerous or life-threatening situations. This is a human instinct that was passed down from generation to generation to help us survive and act accordingly when there is an actual perceived threat, such as a saber tooth or dinosaur running towards us. This initiates the fight or flight response and a (physiologic) stress response in an attempt to rally up many of our body’s resources for us to survive (in that harmful situation).

Fear was not created for us to perceive every other thing as a threat and for it to run our life and for us to run from life. However, unfortunately, the mind is adaptable and for some of us it became human instinct & second nature for us to live in fear and for us to irrationally perceive harmless things as a threat. Conversely, fortunately, the mind can be rewired in some ways and we’re not doomed forever to live in a place of fear.

Fear can keep us from our dreams, goals, freedom & happiness. So when you notice you’re afraid, look at fear and say hi, thank you for stopping by, but I’m good, I don’t need you right now. Don’t fight or hate fear, just love it, thank it and say hello & goodbye.  S/he was just stopping by & checking in to see if you would play along and let fear run the show but you simply choose not to engage. Instead, welcome courageousness and bravery.

The movie Inside Out cleverly depicts the roles of different emotions in your head (see trailer below). Imagine fear and all of your other emotions as cartoon characters, playing their role in your head, day-to-day. Remember, this is your life and you are at the director’s seat of your own life movie. Have fun with it! Your emotions and feelings are not there to run your life but to give us insight into what is really operating behind the scenes and to remind us that we are the creator and the watcher of all these feelings, thoughts and emotions.

The only problems we ever experience are the ones in which we ourselves create.

So, I dare you to be brave and question the doubts, fears and self-limiting views that your mind tells you & that you decided for yourself. Stop and think am I creating and imagining these views in the way of my happiness, courageousness, success and freedom? This will change your perception. Break down those walls and let go, you got this!

Quote of the day:each & e

((Check out my Quotes page for more inspiring quotes!))

Food for thought: You can be the richest man in the world and be miserable or the poorest man in the world and feel rich, content & joyous and the big difference between them both is their perception (of themselves and of their life situation).

Daily challenge/intention: When you come across a challenge this week or even an accomplishment take some time to think what went right and/or wrong and why? How did my views and perceptions play a role in this?

Take responsibility for your actions and for your feelings and empower yourself. Don’t be the victim of your story, but the hero, the victor!

Daily inspiration

Daily affirmation: I am courageous, I am brave, I can do anything

Check out Jessica’s Affirmation and make a daily affirmation for yourself right now (or use mine) ^_^

Literary referenceInside Out . Go watch it with a friend this week!

Everyday Resolutions

Let every day be just as exciting, fresh and new as if it was the day after the start of the New Year.

Don’t create empty resolutions that end up being the same recycled, unfulfilled resolutions from last year. Instead make specific goals that detail the how, when, where, who, what.

Create daily mantras, things to live by & daily reminders to help you support and achieve your resolutions.

Take it to the next level and write it out, frame it, put it on your wall & let it inspire & guide you every day. Look to it as a reminder and surround yourself with positivity and with your goals in mind. Some believe in the law of attraction or even just visualizing your goals, well this is a great way to do that!

Attached are two images, one of which I wrote out a list of my resolutions/daily goals and put it on a picture frame. The other image is a vision board. I created these both to illustrate all of my goals, dreams & aspirations for that year to achieve and to practice in my everyday life.

I created the resolutions list & my goals vision board by journaling, reflecting, letting go, soul searching and writing. First, I jotted down all of my goals (short-term & long-term), dreams & aspirations. Then, I kept digging deep to see what I truly want from this all, what’s underneath these desires. What helped me gain clarity & an understanding of what I really want and the why, was first determining what really matters to me in life and what makes me joyful. After, I gained clarity of what really is the essence of each goal, I summarized it and simplified it. For example, with my goal vision board, a goal statement was simplified from a couple sentences, to one statement, to a couple words and then to just a thought/single word (some of which I illustrated with an image). The more you (can) simplify something, the more you truly understand it at its’ essence and at its’ most basic meaning.

Explore what it is that you really want in your life: your short-term goals, your long-term goals, your everyday aspirations and dreams and translate that into a piece of art for which you can look at for daily reminders and for inspiration/motivation.


Empathy vs. Sympathy

Sometimes it is hard to find the “right” words to say to console someone that is going thru a difficult time. Yet, sometimes it isn’t what you say to someone that may matter but how you connect with them and how present you are with them.

I’d like to share with you all this few minute video on empathy by Brené Brown. It beautifully demonstrates the power of simply connecting & opening yourself to another person.

Being Kind to Yourself

Life happens, as we as all know. Yet, the one thing that stays constant is you. In fact, you are the very center or the vantage point of your perceived world. For this reason, I believe it only makes sense to be kind to yourself and give yourself permission to enjoy life, give back to yourself and simply be kind to yourself.

Being kind to yourself is simply a conscious decision and a choice in every moment. You have two options: you can either be grateful for the life lesson that you’re presented with (whether it is unpleasant or pleasant) or you can lament and agonize about your current life situation. The way in which you perceive and act upon a current situation is absolutely in your hands, it is simply a conscious choice and decision. Let go of wanting to control where you are in your life right now or your life situation and just surrender to what is. Moreover, be kind to yourself and if you need to cry it out, do that but don’t beat yourself up about it. If the tears come up and emotions come up, don’t resist it- they are being released to serve us. Let your heart guide you, and/or follow your intuition and go as your guided.

In my professional career, as a Nurse, I’ve noticed that the more I give back to & do things for myself and fill my reservoir with love, kindness, gratitude and joy, the more I can easily, readily and compassionately give to others. If your reservoir is running on low or empty, it is like a vehicle without oil, things start to wear and tear and rust and something has to give.

Another way to be kind to yourself is to be kind to others, for the love that we give to others comes back to us, sometimes in double the quantity. Try it out for yourself and do an act of kindness today. Namasté.

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Trust the Unfolding

Sometimes when you least expect it, life takes an unexpected turn or bend in the road. It may not seem like the best timing, but it is the exact timing it’s meant to be and for good reason. Although, at the moment, we may not understand why, we have to just trust it, let go of wanting to control what is, what was and what may be and just trust the unfolding. Surrender.

We may not have all the answers nor do we need to, but we can trust that there’s something bigger in the works for us.

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 12.57.41 PM

Hello world!

Every single day is an opportunity for growth, discovery, joy, peace and love for oneself. This blog is about self discovery and the journey of life in all of it’s splendor.

Since I could remember, I would always write to my dear & trusty friend, my diary. I would often recount the daily events in my diary and also try to make sense of and understand the world around me. It has served as such an amazing outlet for me and still does.

Still to this day, I journal in my handy dandy notebook almost every day. I don’t quite relive my daily accounts on paper as I did when I was younger though. Now, I write (much more) consciously, freely, non-judgmentally and just let my thoughts, feelings and emotions flow freely. I let my pen and paper do the work. One thing has not changed though and that is trying to make sense of and understand the world around me, reflecting, letting go, gaining insights and freeing myself.

Here, I’ll share with you, my lifes’ insights, clarities and wisdoms that I’ve gained. Namasté.